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One of the best anime movies I have seen in a long time. Any hype this movie get it well deserves. for those who loved the aincrad arc but felt SAO lost much of its edge with the fairy arc and a little with ggo , you will most definitely love it. SAO’s anime adaptation is completely awesome. I was waiting to see both its dubbed and subbed version. The entire movie is completely amazing and thrilling; it gives you an idea of the future world and for science nerds-it encourages them to do great things. It’s best to watch on 9anime.Awesome storyline. I’m so happy that I can watch it a thousand times and write a book telling how good sword art online anime series is. The movie is the most outstanding ( best ) movie ever. Awesome movie, the epic fights and epic music during those fight were so awesome and the sad story with Asuna made me tear up a little, definitely recommend this movie to anyone in the Sword Art Online franchise or anyone looking for an epic movie to watch.